Going to Kyrgyzstan in any season

The climate in the Kyrgyz Republic is mostly continental due to its remoteness from the ocean. Generally, it is recommended to visit the country from May to October. During this time, all routes are open and the weather is quite mild. However, every time of the year has its benefits.


The winter is pretty cold all around Kyrgyzstan. In the capital Bishkek, the average temperature fluctuates between −9 and 3 degrees Celsius (15-37˚F) in January and gradually becomes 3-5 degrees warmer every month. It is considerably warmer in the southwest, but do not expect the temperature to exceed 0 degrees. As for the highlands, it can get really frosty there, down to 20 or even 30 degrees below zero.


The period between March and May is the wettest in the year, although in general precipitation in the country is low — do not expect monsoons there. It can get rainy and even snowy in the mountains. Also, the weather is frequently changing, and the higher you go, the more surprises — pleasant or not — you can get.


In the summer, you can see Kyrgyzstan in its brightest colors, with little to no rain and sunshine. All in all, this is the most comfortable time to enjoy the country.


Although it gets colder week by week, September and early October still have the summer flavor on much of the country’s territory.