Caution: Fake Kyrgyzstan Film Commission

We have just recently started a film commission in Kyrgyzstan, and already have to deal with fakes.

A recently created website, registered in India, claims that the Kyrgyz Republic has introduced incentives for foreign film and TV productions.

The thing is that such program doesn’t exist. The Kyrgyz government has never introduced it. The only incentives program in the country is ran by KRIFCom, where all the rebates come from private institutions and businesses. Please see the official letter from the government of Kyrgyz Republic below.

The website has no relation to the Kyrgyz government, is not our country’s film commission and can’t act on behalf of any public institution of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The content of this website was copy-pasted from ours, which is a blatant violation of international copyright laws.

KRIFCom would like to warn filmmakers not to engage in any cooperation with the owners of in order not to become victim of fraud. Contact us for any information regarding filming in Kyrgyzstan.