Kyrgyzstan is a very TV- and film-friendly country, and this totally applies to the customs procedures. Filmmakers willing to shoot in the country will face minimal formalities.

All that you need is to provide your local partner/fixer/facilitator with the list of your equipment organized in a declaration manner.

The list should contain the following information:

  1. Arrival/departure details;
  2. Details on the responsible accompanying person;
  3. Itemized list of the equipment, indicating the country of origin, make and model of each piece, its weigh, serial number (where applicable), and the customs value.

Please note that the Kyrgyz Republic is not a Carnet ATA country.

It is also important to know that Kyrgyzstan shares a customs union with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia. This means that once you clear your customs in one of the union’s member nations, you will not have to do it again in Kyrgyzstan.

The rule works the other way around — if you clear you gear in the Kyrgyz Republic, you will not face any additional customs procedures in any of the other four countries.