There is no fixed procedure of issuing permits to shoot in Kyrgyzstan. It depends on what and where you are going to to film.

However, there are simple rules you should be aware about.

As soon as you have the accreditation and the letter of support in place, you can film on streets and in any other public areas with free access without any special permit.

Otherwise, a production company would have to get permits through PR services (or analogues) of the venues where you intend to shoot.

If the area where you are going to shoot is privately owned, you should contact the owner directly.

Applying for various permits, be ready to provide the authorities with the following info:

  1. The synopsis of the upcoming shoot
  2. The list of the crew
  3. The tentative dates and hours
  4. (For TV) Broadcasting details: the name of the network, etc.

Please, attach the KRIFCom recommendation letter to the accreditation details (copies of the press cards or the press card numbers).