Filming in Kyrgyzstan: 20% Cash/Tax Rebate

KRIFCom is excited to announce the implementation of the cash/tax rebate scheme for foreign film/TV production in Kyrgyzstan.

KRIFCom returns up to 20% of qualifying productions expenses. The rebate comes from private institutions, not the government.

Cash/Tax Rebate in Kyrgyzstan: Local partner is a Must

Foreign production companies will get a rebate only if they hire a Kyrgyz or Russian company, approved by KRIFCom. All payments should be directed through them.

This point is mandatory because developing the local industry is one of our missions. KRIFCom will make sure that all financial interactions are transparent.

Genre Minimal expenses in Kyrgyzstan Minimal time of production
Feature film $300,000 or 14 days
Documentary $50,000 4 days
TV show $71,500 5 days
Commercial $100,000 5 days
Short film $71,500 7 days
Reality/game show $157,000 7 days


The rebate comes with a few free benefits:

  • Foreign Ministry accreditation
  • All public filming locations —  free of charge
  • No customs fee


Qualifying Production Expenses

Item Special notes
Goods and services Purchased in Kyrgyzstan and Russia
Goods, specifically manufactured for production Purchased in Kyrgyzstan and Russia
Locally hired manpowers Locally hired manpower
Kyrgyz and Russian citizens only
Rent of equipment Rented in Kyrgyzstan and Russia
Rent of property and locations
Rent of transport Only vehicles with drivers
Scouting/recce Subject to rebate only if the actual production is complete
Tax All taxes paid locally
Salaries of foreign crew members and talent Paid through local partner in Kyrgyzstan
All taxes paid in-country Paid through local partner in Kyrgyzstan


Rebate payout period

The rebate will be paid back in 45-60 days after you submit all the paperwork to KRIFCom.

Papers to submit

Document Deadline
Story draft/plot/description of production 30 days before production starts
Contract with a local production company 20 days before production starts
Detailed budget Detailed budget
30 days before production starts
Reconciliation of expenses 30 days after last production day