Reconstruction of Hippodrome

Posted on 18 February 2016

The key facility for the upcoming Second World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan will be renewed by August 15, the head of the State architecture agency said at a press conference.

The multifunctional horse racing track on the Central Asian republic’s famous Lake Issyk-Kol will have 10,000 seats and a 7,000-foot racing track.

«The first floor will have a parking area. Judges and commentators will be placed on the second floor. A VIP area with own apartments and restaurants will be located on the third floor. Also, there will be an observation platform on the roof,» Turdubek Mambetov said, as quoted by Kabar news agency.


Mambetov added that the construction will correspond to all international standards. Along with the hippodrome, the authorities will renew infrastructure in the region.
In the fall 2016, Kyrgyzstan will host the Second World Nomad Games. Athletes from about 20 nations will compete in traditional nomadic sports, such as archery, wrestling and, of course, equestrian games.

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