As KRIFCom is getting ready for its first AFCI 2016 Locations Show in Los Angeles on April 21-23,  Kyrgyz press approached Film Commissioner Stanislav Solovkin. Here are excerpts from a talk with AKI Press agency.


— Tell us more about this event [AFCI 2016 Locations Show]. Why to go there?

New locations are in great demand — spectacular, safe, inexpensive, unexploited. The planet is small. It’s impossible to show the same locations and scenery in all movies.
It’s important for countries to participate in this expo, because this is where they become famous and therefore attract tourists and investors — money, in other words. It’s a multibillion-dollar business. We have produced more than 7 hours of TV and film content, working there over the past 1.5 years. And we know that Kyrgyzstan can be a very competitive TV and film destination.

— Why do you think Kyrgyzstan has a chance to become a global filming location?

Shooting here as a producer, I realized that Kyrgyzstan is a perfect venue for filming. With minimal bureaucracy, visa-free regime, minimal accreditation procedures, modest prices for everything. And it’s a safe country.

— Does the government support you? Are there any incentives for foreign crews in Kyrgyzstan? 

There are two simple steps any government in the world should take to attract crews. Step one – to minimize the bureaucracy of anything regarding the shooting. This step has already been made. The permitting, customs and accreditation procedures are extremely simple and transparent.

Another step is to stimulate the crews economically. Refund VAT, other taxes and implement certain laws to pay back a part of the funds, spent in-country.

Kyrgyzstan is not the wealthiest country in the world, but we are now actively negotiating these possibilities with the Kyrgyz government. It will definitely take longer than a couple of weeks, but I hope it is going to be pretty quick.

You can read the full interview at http://culture.akipress.org/news:12569 [Russian only].

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