KRIFCom will represent Kyrgyzstan at Association of Film Commissioners International’s Locations & Global Finance Show, to take place in Burbank, Los Angeles, California on April 21-23.

The show is the only event in the industry that brings together film and TV executives in search of new locations and film commissions who can offer it.



«The show is in fact a mecca for representatives of the biggest studios, TV channels and production companies, looking for new locations to create TV and film products,» KRIFCom’s Film Commissioner Stanislav Solovkin told AKI Press news agency.

He also stressed that Kyrgyzstan is the only Central Asian country, and one of only two former Soviet republics, the other being Georgia, to participate in the show.

«We will show and tell [visitors] as much as we can. We will attract crews,» Solovkin added.

The show will feature dozens of national and regional film commissions from six continents. In addition, major figures in film finance from China, India, Europe and Latin America will discuss co-production and investment opportunities as part of the Global Finance conference.


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