Israel’s Top Tourism Expo

Posted on 18 February 2016

An Israeli citizen admires Kyrgyzstan so much that he organized a thematic stand at the biggest tourism expo in his home country.

A short visit to Kyrgyzstan left Alex Supinski so impressed that he decided to promote the mountainous country in Israel.
Acting without any government support, Alex showed the visitors of the Tel Aviv International Tourism Exhibition his photos with breathtaking views of Kyrgyzstan. He was joined by two Kyrgyz expatriates, living in Israel — Sima and Dina — who assisted him.


Delighted by the oriental ornaments of the costumes and hats, brought from Kyrgyzstan by Alex, many Israelis took memory photos. According to Alex, Kyrgyzstan sparked a great interest among the Israeli tourists who would like to explore  Asia.

«Most of them have heard about your country for the first time, but they really liked images of fakes, horses and fields,» Supinski wrote in his blog.


Alex is waiting for the summer to return to Kyrgyzstan with a group of Israeli tourists and share more information about this beautiful country with his followers on social media.
You can see more images from the expo on Facebook.

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