Our goal is to help foreign filmmakers, TV proffesionals and journalists organize shooting in Kyrgyzstan

Central Asia is an outstanding location for film production. However, most international filmmakers are still not familiar with the region.

The Kyrgyz-Russian Independent Film Commission (KRIFCom) aims to promote Kyrgyzstan as a perfect location for TV and film production. This small Central Asian republic is full of breathtaking landscapes worthy of being the stage for future epic blockbusters and top TV shows.

The only film commission in Kyrgyzstan, KRIFCom invites you to be among the first to explore the immense benefits of filming in the republic. Apart from its natural beauty, second to no other country, Kyrgyzstan is extremely safe, simple in terms of logistics and as cheap as you can imagine.

We will proudly help you arrange your trip, clear the customs and deal with logistics.